The initial focus of SYNEKAS services is on:

Commodities Trading

Oil & Gas, Gold & Rough Diamonds, Rice and Sugar

Investment Origination

In this division, we look to guide investors through the minefield that is the African business climate. Through our vast network spanning every country on the continent, we source deals for investors using the client’s requirements for direction. We also look at the fit of every deal into our client’s strategy.

Investment Management

In this division we seek to manage the risks of investments in this continent by helping clients build a presence in the countries of interest. We go further to source all necessary paperwork to enable the client to freely conduct business in the corresponding jurisdiction.

Trade Brokerage & Facilitation

Our trade brokerage & facilitation arm of the business brings together seller and buyer of any kind of product, commodity or even in some cases services. We make sure all necessary due diligence are done and business is conducted in utmost good faith and beneficial to all parties involved. We also identify profitable market segments for our client’s needs and requirements. We reduce risk of fraud by carrying out the ground requirements to ensure our client is protected. Within this division we seek to facilitate trade and smooth out the process of conducting business within the continent. We conduct business in all sectors of the economy and take on deals on a deal by deal basis. This usually depends on the business and political risks, amount of ground work to be conducted and the earnings profile of the deal.

Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio management service involves the management of the day to day operation of our clients businesses, assets or acquisitions. We therefore handle each of our clients with the strictest confidentiality.

Media Services & IT Solutions

We provide consultancy services in Branding, Advertising, Public relations, Merchandising, Filming, TV and Radio Production.

Property Management & Real Estate

We have an established network of developers for focus on middle to high income housing. We look to provide across the board advisory services to our corresponding clients. Our strategy also involves entry into low income affordable housing sector

Hospitality, Events & Tourism

Tourism is a very lucrative business thriving in Ghana and we are currently engaged in discussions to draw up investment plans for a holiday/cruise venture which will boost tourism and create jobs in the region.

Trading oil and gas and physical commodities

We facilitate trade in this market by sourcing the commodity and ensure deal closure with few obstacles as possible. We have established contacts with refineries, mines, farms and all other essential sources for commodities which we trade between sellers and buyers.